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pull down mosquito screen

If your thinking of Pull-down screens Please read

When Nick fits Pull-down Mosquito Screens he inserts in one end the spring that winds the Mosquito Mesh up and keeps it under tension, but in the other end of the profile he inserts a decelerator, this is to slow the mesh down when raising the screen. this is a very important part that we always use.

this past week we went to the suppliers and where told that we buy more of the decelerators than any other company , this tells us 2 things

  1. We make more pull-down mosquito screens than others.
  2. But more importantly to Nick it tells us that other companies are not using this essential  Part.

and the best part for you is that we fit this part at no extra charge to you as Nick believes in doing the job correctly.


This Photo is taken to show the screen and the open conditions around the pull down mosquito screen, Looking closely you will see that the Screen netting is hardly obscuring the view.

This is a big concern when my customers are purchasing pull down mosquito screen.

We only use the finest netting to ensure that Mosquitoes cant enter your property.


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