About Nick, AKA MosquitoNick

Nick started working in the UK as a French polisher, then worked as a wood machinist, and progressed from there into carpentry and cabinet making.
Next a friend asked if he would help with installing some upvc windows that led Nick into 17 years of window fitting and eventually running his own window company.
Coming to Spain, now over 17 years, Nick found a market for his carpentry skills and window fitting experience.
This is how MosquitoNick has started his successful career on the Costa del Sol.
Nick is very reliable and probably No Definitely the leading Mosquito screen installer on the coast.

Nick Only gives the best advice, Sometimes the advice is so different from his remaining competitor, as Nick has a larger Mosquito Screen selection to offer.

Nick Often will visit a customer to be told I had a quote for a pulldown screen on a Set of Patio doors and are shocked to be told there is a cheaper and More importantly much better solution , Yes A half Sliding Mosquito Screen.

Why is this a better solution

  1. A patio door slides and so will the new Sliding Mosquito Screen ( Just slide it closed )

Why is a Pulldown screen NOT a good idea on a patio door

  1. A Pulldown screen needs to be pulled right down to the floor and clipped in to the side tracks, well that’s OK if you do not use the door often, however if the door is in constant use setting the screen down and the again bending down to take the screen up again is not going to be kind on your back.
  2. COST a Pulldown Mosquito Screen will cost more than a Sliding Mosquito Screen

So The Best Mosquito Screen For a set of Sliding Patio Doors is **** Yes A sliding Mosquito Screen