Are you

The president of a community

The manager of a community

A property maintenance company

Or a group of friends

We are for a limited period offering a discount for orders on 3 properties or more.


Each property can be an apartment or house and each property must place a minimum order of 3 mosquito screens to qualify.

This offer is a trial offer and if successful will be repeated next year. so get in now

Please if you have one house And want this offer I cant do it for you, get some friends together and then call me, It’s more cost affective for me to visit 3 or more properties at one time and then also fit the mosquito screens on the same day also.

Call Mosquito Nick on 6470 728 61 in English

Or call Anna on 629 22 55 13 in Spanish , French, Polish, Or Russian

or send an email from the contact page