Photo Of the NEW Pleated Mosquito Screen
Pleated Mosquito ScreenAre you being bothered at night by mosquitoes ?

You Cant relax and watch tv with the doors and windows open without being eaten alive ?

You Cant sleep without that buzzing sound around your ears ?

You DON'T want to run the Air Conditioning 24 hours a day, For its expensive and its not healthy.

Your not alone and there is a solution !!!

Just call Mosquito Nick on 6470 728 61
for mosquito screens on the costa del sol


I offer all types of Mosquito Screens.

Sliding ( the most cost affective and great for aluminum windows and patio doors ) see photos Click here

pull down ( great for upvc or wooden window as the screen is mounted on the wall outside and just pulls down ) see photos Click here

Pleated screens  ( suitable for any type of opening , windows, Doors, Patio Doors ) But these are the most expensive option.

Simple Image

Pleated Mosquito Screen, Shown from inside